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Sri Lanka

Soak up Sri Lanka's stunning landscapes, pristine beaches and a unique cultural heritage

Explore the rich history and culture of this amazing country from the ancient Rock Fortress of Sigiriya, the vast national parks searching for wildlife such as elephants and the elusive leopard, the spectacular mist-filled tea country to the untouched beaches of the East coast in Trincomalee and not forgetting the mouth-wateringly good curries. If that wasn’t enough explore the numerous ancient temple ruins dating back over 2,000 years throughout Sri Lanka and get an authentic feel for how an ancient civilisation thrived for so many centuries. Trek the mystical highlands and reach the summit of Worlds End, a drop of over a 1,000 feet revealing lush green forests below and on a clear day unrivalled views of the Indian ocean await. Top your stay in this magical Island with a few nights at one of the numerous untouched beaches dotted around the coastline. With an incredible 8 UNESCO world Heritage sites located around the Island you’ll be left mesmerised with how much is hidden within this pearl in the Indian Ocean.  

Built on many years of fine tuning what we have today is a dedicated team of Sri Lanka experts all having visited the Island and experienced the tours themselves so their first hand knowledge is personal and unrivalled. A truly exceptional team in Sri Lanka look after all of our clients from the moment they leave the departures area in Colombo International airport. It can be daunting walking out into foreign lands but our friendly ground team will be waiting to greet you, take your luggage and direct you towards your very own personal chauffeur driver and guide who will accompany you for the duration of your tour. Our personal chauffeur drivers are some of the friendliest and knowledgeable you’ll ever have met anywhere in the world. They are all fluent in English and college educated in Sri Lankan history, so you’ll find there isn’t much you could ask them that they wouldn’t know the answer too.

A lot like a Michelin star restaurant, we don’t have an overly complicated menu, all of our tours are served by some of the most experienced consultants and our signature dish is Sri Lanka done to perfection. 

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