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There is nowhere quite like Cuba. Some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, the infectious pulse of salsa and a unique history of Spanish colonialism all combine to mould the very special magic of this island. Enduringly symbolised by the fabulous selection of old American classic cars, Old Havana is a World Heritage Site where many of the centuries-old buildings are now being meticulously restored in their original style. Fringing the cayos of the north coast archipelago, vast stretches of unspoilt white sands fall away to the world’s second largest coral reef, while in the eastern province of Holguin, the quiet area of Guardalavaca enjoys a number of idyllic beaches and a coastline that rewards divers with a spectacular thriving marine life.


Cuba Explorer 9 Days From £1,349.00

Explore a side of Cuba that few rarely get to experience on this nine day adventure. Cruise Havana's history-infu...

Colonial Cuba 15 Days From £1,299.00

The melody of horns floating through the air, classic cars parked in colonial squares, revolutionary statues - get ov...

Sailing Cuba 8 Days From £1,199.00

We always find it odd that they call it "All-inclusive resorts", yet exclude the best parts. Hop over the w...

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