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South Africa

No matter how many times you return to this beautiful continent, you will always have exhilarating experiences on an Africa holiday. Whether you are observing the abundant wildlife in a national park, learning about ancient communities or enjoying cocktails on the beach, there is always something new to discover. In South Africa, the Atlantic Ocean meets the Pacific Ocean on the Western Cape, which boasts rugged coastlines, expertly maintained vineyards and lush green forests. In Egypt, at the opposite end of Africa, you can gaze on the same lands as the pharaohs in the ancient city of Luxor and upon their tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Africa offers a wide range of exclusive resorts that will provide another unforgettable aspect of your trip, offering fine dining, luxurious rooms and idyllic beachside locations


South Africa - Cape Town, Garden route & Safari 10 nights From £1,459.00

See more than you could ever wish for of the intriguing and alluring South Africa on this journey through some of the...

Cape Town, Winelands & Wilderness 9 nights From £1,619.00

Arrive in the rainbow Nation, collect your car and begin a magical adventure through cities, winelands and the serene...

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